off seasn racing

Tom Watts

i was thinking could we do some events to get over the wait till the next season, maybe do some racing on a wednesday to pass the time :cool:
This Wednesday (today) might be a bit short notice, but I think it should be possible to gather a good group of people for next Wednesday. Possibly a track that most already know (to make it less demanding to participate) and some cool car class to drive?

Venue: Interlagos
Car: DB9, Audi R8, Mini Cooper, Jim's Porsche or something else
Date: 30th of June
Time: qual at 7pm UK time
2x qual where 10 best from qual 1 goes to qual 2
Race: 2x 20 laps

Does not need to be exaclty this, it's just to start it of with a suggestion.

Tom Watts

yh i think next week now bit short notice but yh sounds good wouldnt mind doing jims proschers they give some close racing
I tried that but I couldn't get Steam running on that connection. Phoned my ISP and logged the problem. They checked while I was on the phone and confirmed that the line is faulty. No it's anyone's guess as to when they come to fix it...
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