Off-Road Drive

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    "Off-Road Drive" is available on Steam for cheap. It's a worthwhile rock-crawling title. I picked it up the other day and I have been having a blast with it (in real life, I own a Toyota Tundra TRD Rock Warrior 4x4, so I may lean in that direction).

    Here's a shot of me driving the Suzuki Samurai in Thailand:


    Physics are good, vehicles handle like you'd expect on such terrain. You get 20 vehicles, including all the usual suspects, the Samurai pictured above, Jeeps, Land Rovers, Ford Ranger, swamp buggy, and more. There are multiple views, including a decent cockpit driving view and mouse-controlled free camera.

    There are maps for Thailand, Africa, Russia, Maylasia, USA, and Australia.

    I haven't encountered any bugs with Windows 7, it likes my Radeon R9 280X TOP, it supports my TrackIR5 and it works fine with my Fanatec wheel and pedals. If you're prone to motion sickness, take your Dramamine before you load it up.

    There's a good HUD, but I usually dismiss it by pressing F3 as I like immersion. And this title is very immersive. You feel very much like you're really bobbling around in a 4x4 on horrible terrain. Framerates are great, antialiasing is smooth, everything seems to be as it should be.

    It looks like it may be highly moddable. It appears to have an editor, though I haven't played with it yet. Modding can also be done with the Unreal3 SDK tools which you can download free. All the config files seem to be out where you can get to them for tweaking. All the editor, config, and SDK stuff is in the game folder or has links in the game folder to download the tools.

    There is a bit of a learning curve with differentials, drive ranges, winches, onboard compressor and tire inflation, etc., but the systems modeling is great and it's a lot of fun if you like rock crawling 4x4 racing. Check it out. I think it's a good buy.