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Oculus Rift S

In return for a favour repairing some damaged furniture at a friends house, he's given me his Oculus Rift S (he'd upgraded a month or two back to whatever the latest version is).

Now, I have never even seriously considered getting VR partly due to all the mentions of motion sickness plus all the effort I have expended on my sim rig, so this is a bolt out of the blue. I understand that I have to download the Oculus app, but I'd like some advice on getting started from anyone who has used this with AMS / AMS2 / AC / ACC

Anything I need to watch out for?



Hi again all

Well, the friend that gifted me the Oculus Rift S has now got himself a new shiny 3080 card (didn't ask how much he paid for it) but his orphaned 3070 is up for grabs and I offered to buy it off him. As he came round to get me to help him install the 3080 plus a new 1000W PSU he left it with me and told me that he'd let me know what he wants for it later.

So of course I installed it in my rig straight away wondering what horrible price I'll have to pay for it - even second hand it must be pricey. However, I cranked up AMS2 and was utterly unimpressed. I turned up all the graphics settings, but I honestly cannot notice any difference from when I was using a 1070GTX. Now I appreciate that I did not do a direct back to back, and that there may be subtle improvements, but I really was expecting it to be more improved that it is.

So is it that the Oculus Rift S is unable to take advantage of the extra 3070 horsepower, knowing that the rest of the gaming rig is pretty good (i9, 32Gb, SSD etc.)? Or is there particular settings I have to dial in to make the changes more visible?

I realise that the 3070 will probably benefit me when I use hi-res monitors for my flight sim plus provide a degree of future proofing if I want to splash out for a G2 or Valve Index. But right now I am inderwhelmed by the difference it has made

Any thoughs welcome

Pretty much everything answered already.
My 2 cents:
Put the settings back to the medium settings you used with the 1070 and then crank the resolution scale/Pixel density/whatever it's called, sorry I don't have a headset right now :p

This should quite drastically improve the quality. You don't need more eye candy you can't notice anyway with the blurry oculus headsets. What you want is to improve the image quality / clarity by running higher super sampling :)