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Sell Oculus Rift CV1 - 3 sensors - 2 Touch controllers - leather VRcover interface

I have a Oculus Rift CV1 used I owned it for some years, never had any issues, FULLY FUNCTIONAL.
The reason I'm selling is due to the fact that I moved homes and have no space for VR unfortunately, I was only capable to cram my triples in the corner of our bedroom but no space for VR.
The unit is in it's original box all accessories within.

1x Oculus VR headset with VRcover leather interface.
2x Touch controllers
3x Sensors for 360o tracking

I would be sending from the Dublin Ireland for 300EUR.

Shipping and fees to be calculated if there's interest, I'll cover no more than 30 EUR of those.

If possible to collect in Dublin for I'll give away for 270 Eur.

PM if interested.

This headset runs even on a GTX1060 so it doesn't required a super computer to enjoy Virtual Reality.


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