Oculus ASW 2.0 released on 4th April 2019


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Jul 13, 2014

Yep, I'm LTTP on this by about a week but don't think it's common knowledge. It certainly slipped under my radar since the original announcement last year.

On the face of it ASW 2.0 should dramatically improve the reprojected experience for Rift-wearing sim racers everywhere, provided the devs unlock the depth data required. I believe ACC (as a UE4 title) should natively support this already, but non-UE4 titles (like AC) will need patching. Maybe Ilja can work his magic for Assetto Corsa, because I can't see Kunos being interested in doing it now that ACC is out and work on AC has officially ceased.



Oct 8, 2012
Yeah I recall seeing a youtube video with ACC using asw 2.0 and the improvement being obvious. Let's hope it comes to AC as well..

Ramon van Rijn

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May 19, 2007
Sorry for my n00b question. Oculus is not very clear about this.

How do you activate ASW? Only thing I could find is a registry setting, but the whole Oculus hive does not exist here. It seems to live in the wow64 here and missing a subtree also.
Next thing is the diagnostic tool. There i see ASW on Auto or 45FPS with ASW enabled. What should be the best option? Auto or 45FPS?

Or am I completely wrong, and leave it on Auto because a game with the correct engine should make support for it?