Object's copy and textures


Mar 19, 2009
I copied 3 times the same object (sketchup house imported with xpacker).When I copy this object in BTB (C key) and export it, I got a load time quite important. I checked my texture folder in RX_CONTENT file and I got 3 times all texture's files... I don't understand Why it copied in place od using same texture files...? Anyone got an idea to silve this problem?

PS: What does load time being long? Textures loading or many 3D objects (even if they are the same ones)?



Mar 16, 2009
Dont know about the only one object you described (maybe your object has 3 materials but using same textureplate) but in xpacker Material section you need to use the same Path/Name for every object what using the same material. In Diffuse you Pick the same texture (same location) the objects using and delete unused after in Texture section. Look my Vegetation xpack
Loading times go up if every object has different material path. Material count will go high.
Not sure if this is your problem
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@ Gegewrc: I'm not sure what you're asking, but I hope this helps. After I import my object into Xpacker, I change all the textures to DDS files. All the DDS files are kept in a common folder so that when I've saved all the new changes, I can go and delete all the old files that were used for textures. THis way I keep my Xpacks small.