Nvidia stutter issue - can't play the game!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Mo Selvarajah

    Mo Selvarajah

    Recently i changed from my ati 5850 to an nvidia gtx 570. This is the effect it's had on rfactor........

    focus your attention on the sky - you can easily see then the stutter im experiencing - making it impossible to play the game!
    would really appreciate some help as i'm trialling out for a team in world series, can't do that when the game is like this. System details are on the youtube video description.
  2. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Why did you actualy replaced the 5850 at first place?

    Its not realy coincedence that this stutter isue with rf often happen when people are having a nvidia card, im not sure i think its possible to get it running probably, mayby some driver isue or chipset not sure. I think there are also files available for rf with nvidia card but im not sure where to get them. Anyway most of the people i know off that had stutter problems where using a nvidia card.

    Anyway if you have enough money to replace it with a gtx 570 better buy back a ati card from one of the last ranges. xD
    I personaly stick with Ati, never had problems with it.
  3. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns

    Is your card overclocked? If so try switching it back to default settings. Same goes for your CPU.

    I seem to remember something about a +fullproc command with rFactor causing/solving stuttering as well?
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