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  1. MeqTrader


    Guys, I am not sure if I am the last one to have figured this out but in fact there are 2 ways to enhance your 3D vision with the NVidia 3D solution. 1 is the obvious one by means of the wheel on the back or the F3/F4 button but if you go into your NVidia control panel and open up the Keyboard Shortcuts menu in which you click open the "Advanced In-Game Settings" you have to enable the advanced in-game settings. This opens up an whole new world of NVidia 3D, not only will it seem your screen gets depth but you trick your brain into thinking the image is comming towards you as well. A whole new experience as I might say and one which clearly uplifts the "gimmick" to a OMG.
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  2. Terry Evers

    Terry Evers

    Last week I snagged a pair of Anaglyph 3d glasses (Red/Cyaan) from the kids.. Its pink with a Barbie print so I look super awesome wearing them! :laugh:

    Anyway,I found that it works rather well for the F3000's in Game stock car extreme. Sense of depth is amazing! And once youre eyes get used to the off colors, it was allmost simulair to a golden brown visor. Old school 3D but still worth checking out if youre vid card supports it .
  3. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Id you play it long enough it takes quite long for your eyes(brain) to reconfigure to normal daily life.
    I was seeing everything orange/blue for some while after.
  4. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    Ouch! That does not sound healthy! ><
    I went out and bought myself a pair of red/blue glasses (they where dang cheap ^^), but I dunno if I can adjust to using them, I feel like everything is so much darker on one eye and that makes it so weird/difficult to concentrate.