Nvidia 355.82 not patchable ?


Sorry for the question, its not really a problem, the 347'er works great with many more fps performance and good lod clamp, but i don't know why not working with 355.
I think it still working for me... the effect is sometimes small depending on the track but I did a quick comparison with and without on a MOD track and the white lines are best with a LOD patched v 355.82.

However the patch tools were bound to be obsolete one day, so if its not working I would not be surprised.

It would be nice to confirm this... then the last working driver version could be known and recommended.

Follow this thread for the latest details https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/529407/geforce-drivers/clamp-negative-lod-bias/
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@Reiza Studios

Is it possible to add LOD clamping on the game engine side of things?

Nvidia (it seems :mad:) will not support LOD clamp for whatever reason... can you guys help?
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