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Do you ever race in VR?

  • Yes

    Votes: 441 35.5%
  • No

    Votes: 802 64.5%

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BIG thanks to @Bram Hengeveld @Rupe Wilson for last nights tuitorial round the Nurgburgring race track.Some very good tips and pointers enabeling some guys to reduce there lap times quite considerably..An enjoyable fun couple of hours for premium members,so to all the Licensed members,stick your hand in your pocket,its only 16€, or £14 A YEAR membership.How cheap is that!!! i,ll tell you..3.8p A DAY..Hopefully there will be a few more lessons in the future plus other things..who no,s, but without support we could be hampered..so come on guys sign up,have some cracking races keep the server alive and have soooooome....FUN!!!!..:);):thumbsup:..

Rupe Wilson

yes t was very good. even though i didn't drive i was watching and still learning myself.
I did have a drive later to see how i drove the track and there room for improvement that's for sure

I moved it out the race section as that is club race events :)
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