Number of problems with the game, can they be fixed?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by April Dillon, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. April Dillon

    April Dillon


    I've tried so hard to enjoy this game, but I've got so many problems which let it down for me. And because I haven't found any mods or anything to help, I figured I'd ask, in case I was searching in the wrong places.

    I'm playing on PC, I bought the game through Steam, and I use a Logitech G25 wheel.

    1) Sound lag. The sound effects have a delay of between 100ms and 200ms, which makes timing my gear changes very difficult. Even when the audio driver is set to 'software', this is a problem.
    2) "Feel" for the car. I can't get any kind of feel for the car. From the feedback through my wheel, I can't tell whether it's on the verge of slipping, or already slipping. It seems that to catch a spin, you need to correct before you can see the car's spinning, which I just can't notice.
    3) AI and Fuel/Tire wear. I've done a couple of races in a Lotus on maximum difficulty. At the start of the race, I'll really struggle to keep up with the others, but towards the end I'll have finished ahead of the Williams cars. It's as if the weight lost in used fuel and the fresh option tires give me an advantage over the AI. Does this work differently for the AI cars?
    4) The occassional graphical artifact. It's nothing serious, but sometimes I'll see a black blob in the sky, every few laps, and it'll only appear very briefly. Like some dirt on a film. What is this?
    5) Setups. Setup changes don't have anywhere near the kind of effect I'd expect. If I shorten my gearing, I don't seem to get any advantage from acceleration. And I can't tell the difference in handling between full downforce, and minimum downforce, but minimum seems to be invariably faster. What's going on here?
    6) Turning circles. In the event that I do spin, it's extremely frustrating to have to do a three point turn to rejoin the race. But I often have to, because the cars have the turning circle of a moon. Is it possible to make the turning circle tighter?

    Are there any mods or patches which can address these problems? I really want to enjoy this game, because I love the career mode structure. But I'm really struggling with it in it's current state.

  2. David Chardar

    David Chardar

    1) Invest in a better soundcard.
    2) Setup your wheel.
    3) Known bug. The AI isn't affected by fuel and tyre wear. There's a bunch of mods fixing that in the mods section.
    4) It's a graphic glitch. Most likely coming from your graphic card. Get the lastest drivers and/or a better card.
    5) Play without assists.
    6) Remove traction control. (see item 5)
  3. April Dillon

    April Dillon

    2) How do you mean "setup your wheel"? Just tweak the FFB settings until it feels 'right'?
    3) Damn, cheating bastards. :p Is there any particular mod you'd reccomend?
    5 & 6) I do. Although I don't mind people using assists, I feel like a great big wuss if I resort to using them myself. :)

    I'm close to doing a fresh build from scratch with my computer, so the better graphics card and sound card will happen eventually, whatever else happens. :) Is there nothing else I can do about the sound thing in the meantime? It isn't an issue in other games...
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