Released Not really a car, placeholder dials


Hey all. Just thought of putting this together since I recently discovered how to make dials for Racer. This little thingy is digital, for both RPM and km/h (will make one in MPH if you want), so it can theoretically be fitted to any car (5-digit RPM indicator and 3-digit speedometer) and it's better to have something than no dials at all, in my opinion :)
Also includes a lap time / best time stopwatch.
Credits to Blo0m for the digital font, the same used on the stock Racer's Murcielago, I just changed its colour to gray.

It looks like this:


PS: Now that I think of it, I should make another version with keep_aspect=1, I guess it's gonna look deformed on some types of screens -- I have a 1280x1024 5:4 screen and it's pretty much, well.. *censored*
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Mr Whippy

They're nice dials, thanks for sharing :D

I'd meant to make some nice generic dials at one point but never really got around to it as most cars had them, but it's great to have some nice generic ones like these for cars that don't have any!


Thanks! :)

Will rework them to make them compatible with all aspect ratios. Do you know if digital stuff like numbers or laptimes need keep_aspect=1 as well? I've investigated and I found out that static dials mostly need it, while needles don't, but what about digital readouts?
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