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Not able to add multiple sets of tyres?

Hey everyone,

So from what I understand it should be possible to add multiple sets of tyres to a car using Content Manager. As you can see in the screenshot which I have attached, I have one set of Semislicks. On the right side, there are dozens of other tyre sets. When I try to drag one from the right to the left, it just doesn't work. I can drag it but immediately my mouse icon changes into a 'stop' or 'don't' sign. When I release my mouse button, the tyre set just jumps back to the right again, preventing me from adding a 2nd set to my car.

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, or that it's the game/Content Manager that causes it.

Thank you for your time!


  • AC.PNG
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I would recommend learning how the new tyre generator works, as that will give you tyre sets that fit with the specifications of both the front and the rear tyres.

However I too have been noticing some odd behavior from CM when trying to drag and drop items. For me it’s in the Custom Championship editor when trying to move rounds and cars. Maybe this is the same issue. Hopefully it’ll get resolved soon.


I also have this problem and cannot update outdated tires. I get the same inability to drag/drop tires to the car. I have tried generating new tires and that did not work as well. Unsure if this issue is from CM. Have not been able to resolve the issue even after posting a near identical thread :\
I've got an update, click and drag with right mouse button, you'll see the stop sign, then move out of the tires window and left click. You'll see the drop window and then you can drag it over your existing tires. Hope this works!