Nordschleife Side by Side (rFactor Vs Real-Life)

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steven Ciofalo, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Steven Ciofalo

    Steven Ciofalo

    Here you go world. My contribution. Make sure it's in 1080P

    A side by side of the ring in 1080P. What a b!t*h it was watching a lap on a 9" netbook screen playing on youtube and trying to copy it while it plays. I used several cars before settling on the Monster BMW M3 GTR X1 from the VLN pack. I also ended up using the 2.21 version of the track as my friend stratic didn't have 2.2a and frankly I needed the extra grip.

    I tried to keep pace the best I could. Only off by about 2 seconds at most in some spots. Adjusted the in-game view to 35 degrees V-fov and tweaked the free-look to try and match the camera angle and amount of hood. All in all pretty good. I may try again with more practice. Officially the hardest thing you can try and do is copy someone else's lap via youtube.

    Also if you want to feel like your trippin' on acid. Here are the two laps overlayed.

    Anyone else is free to try and do the lap better. Just do it and either upload the replay to mediafire and I will record it or encode it yourself and upload it to YT with the view tweaked like mine and I will put it together. Here is the original video Good Luck!
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    Time for a good old Nordschleife event me thinks after seeing this :)
  3. Doug62


    Well you really need to give the rF track builder a heap of credit. Very close.
  4. Ivo Simons

    Ivo Simons

    We did a 2 hour race last Wednesday. ;)
    But that was in a League. ;)
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