Nordschleife from Reiza ??

Jan Mikuž

It takes months to produce a track like Nordschleife, man. I believe they've got plenty of other equally amazing projects they are busy with atm. ;)
I have loaded it under 3ds. And wow... It is not only a question of shaders, it is also a question of road feeling, I mean bumps. The road has to be prepared for that. Sometimes, it s nearly impossible because of the mesh build. Honestly, between road, trees, textures, etc, I think 3 months would not be enough... And I dont count unexpected problems... I prefer working on something else... :(
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I have loaded it under 3ds. And wow...
It really is an gargantuan effort that went into the making of this track. The original track team went trough a lot to keep it all together and release this beauty on the scene. Many years of building up the details and correcting this and that. Its amazing.

Alex Sawczuk

Considering the uproar over the potential of Spa winning the track vote, then Nords is definitely overrated anyway. </controversial> ;)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Can't disagree more, had some outstanding and close races on the ring. But you need other ring junkies to make that happen.

Racing with people that crash in corner 1 because they don't know the track it's indeed boring, but that's the same on any track that people don't know really.

Jan Mikuž

Agree. Great Sunday drive, but not the best place to do races. Btw, I'm very glad VIR won as the extra track. And by the looks of it, it's indeed a very exciting track.

Will Mazeo

Why Nords (even this one posted here) cause random disconnects online? In EEC we've been trying to use it but we always had this problem and only with this track, even in GTR2 was the same.
Anyone here use this track online without problems? Patriot managed to put a version almost into Reiza standards, it's still beta, looks great, but with these connection problems I think it may be abandoned.
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