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Oct 24, 2009
I just watched this in-car which 'popped' up after watching an RD video on YT.
Though a lot of sims have done laser mapping of the actual track's surface, the video clearly shows some have missed out with regard to much of the elevation change prior to the Karussell.
The start / finish and first part of most sim tracks are well represented.
The drop-off down to where Lauda had his big crash are not well represented in any sim...not even my favorites.
Watching the video, you really get a sense for how steep the drops are leading up to it..
Most seem to have done a good job capturing the elevation extremes after the Karussell.
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Nov 3, 2015
There's been a fair bit of work on the track since 2010 - they regularily dig up fairly long sections & redo the surface completely, and since the fatal accident in 2015 ( I think ) there's been quite a bit of work on humps too. Laser scans will get an accurate scan of the surface whenever they're done, even if the end user doesn't interpret the data brilliantly they'd have to try hard to end up with gross elevation changes. One or two do seem to try hard enough...
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