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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Joao Pinto, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Joao Pinto

    Joao Pinto

    I present here my first "serious project"!
    The other day, I layed a small route around my hometown of Barreiro, in Portugal. This samll route became a 19.3 Km route going all around the city! (I know, I can't control myself).
    Then, it came across my mind: "what if I mport this into BTB?". I openned 3D Route builder right away, only to find the trial version had a 500 point limit. I googled , and found awebsite that had gps altitude data. Happy, I got the file with altitude data, and imported it to BTB. I layed some grass around it, and voila, V0.01 of my track was done. Did some cruising with a friend already, and I am already correcting some problems that we found (Too sharp turns, a few overlapped parts of track).
    I do not intend to do it a full out track, just a fun, interresting project, to create a track that is fun to drive, and not to visualy complex. I'll put a few photos of the current state later!