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No logged data created in rFactor DAQ Plugin

Hello sim racers,

I'm new to sim racing and this is my first post in RD, please kindly tell me if there is any violation of rules. And I tried to find as all possible websites or videos as I could, still yet to solve the problem. Hope you guys could shed some lights for me.

Here's my question:
I installed Data Acquisition Plugin 1.3.2 by DanZ. But there's no logged data created. Not sure what I missed or did wrongly? Or do I need rFactor DPA patch to fix the problem as some people on forum mentioned it, but unfortunately I cannot find a source to download the file and give it a try.

The following are my installation steps:
step 1:
After downloading the plugin from rFactor Central (here), and successfully installing it. I can find the following files:
- DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini in rFactor main folder
- DataAcquisitionPlugin.dll in rFactor > Plugins folder
- rFactor Data Acquisition Plugin folder in rFactor > Plugins folder

step 2:
But no LOG > MoTeC folder was created automatically in rFactor > UserData folder, so I created it by myself (as the screenshot below)
screenshot 1 - 複製.jpg

step 3:
I also aligned the output path in DataAcquisitionPlugin.ini (as the screenshot below).
screenshot 2.JPG

step 4:
I opened rFactor with one test session, I pressed ctrl+M and could hear "Data Acquisition Enable". I drove for a short distance then stopped the car fully, and pressed ctrl+M again and heard "Data Acquisition is Off". However, after I exit rFactor, I cannot find any logged file in LOG > MoTeC folder.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone could give me some guidance. Also thank you for reading this post.

Best Regards