F1 2012 No hotkeys for tyre selection on keyboard

F1 2012 The Game (Codemasters)
I am a newbie and encounter a problem in career mode. I play F1 2012 PC version.
In short: I use my keyboard to drive into game.
My problem is : When I need to change tyres for whatever reason - Wet, used ...- I have no programed hotkeys to ask and choose tyres before or into pit.
On the manual its only shown the use of a pad or a steering wheel, so, How to ask and change tyres when in game with my Keyboard ?
Thanks to help me.
Sorry for my horrible English... :)
I used to use a keyboard for F1 2011 until last week I got a wheel so I can sympathize :)

You should be able to go into the settings where you assign various keys to different functions. I believe there are 4 options called D-pad left/right/up/down (or something like that I can't check right now). I just had them assigned to 4 keys like I/J/K/L that form an arrow-key like shape. Then in a race push one of them and the menu for brake bias, tires and fuel with pop up.

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