No FFB with Win 7 64bit and G27

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ole Marius Myrvold, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Hi! I'm struggling more and more with the 6 year old laptop I'm using for RBR, I guess loosing it on the ground for a bit over 5 years ago isn't helping either. Anyway, the reason why I'm using that PC is XP, with Xp I get full FFB while driving, it is fantastic.

    However, when I'm innstalling the game on my new PC, I just can't get any feedback at all. I get plenty of force, but no feedback. Does anyone have any idea?

    This is, together with holiday and an upcoming examn the reason why I haven't raced for a while.
  2. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Ole, I'm not totally sure of your problem, when you say you have force but no FFB. :confused:

    However, here is a thread I found that talks about no FFB:

    I use RBR in Win 7 64, and use a G25 with great FFB, so it should work.

    A couple of basic things to check first:

    Have you tried different Logitech Software, I read somewhere that some people get it to work better with different Logitech driver versions. I have ver 5.09, not sure if it is the latest one. Make sure you are using the 64 bit ver though.
    I assume your Logitech profile software has Admin rights in Win 7?

    I assume you have the FFB set up in game? Maybe you need to turn it all the way up in the Options menu, or alternatively, increase the strength in the Logitech profiler.

    In the thread I listed, there is a discussion about cleaning the registry etc, but I thought that may apply only if you have no FFB at all. :confused:

    Maybe others can offer more help.

    EDIT: Also found this thread:
  3. zBobG


    I run RBR in Win 7 PRO x64 with a G27 and it works perfectly.

    There are four issues peculiar to Win 7.

    1. The Logitech Profiler MUST be set to "Run as Administrator". Setting a shortcut or the program itself to "Run as Administrator" is the same thing.

    2. Do NOT run the Profiler at Windows startup, you need to run it manually after booting Windows. Setting the "Run as Administrator causes problems at boot-up. Either the Profiler will not run at all, or it will run but not be in Admin mode or it will run and stall the startup with a "Run this as Administrator?" message.

    In the Profiler, click Options -> Global Profiler Settings, under General Behavior:
    Uncheck "Start Profiler at system startup"
    Checkmark "Switch selected device to ID 1"

    When making a profile in the Logitech Profiler make sure you select the correct RBR executable, "RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe" if that is the one you are using. You should be using that one in Win 7.

    3. Do NOT install RBR into either the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders, mine is installed in "L:/Games/RBR" for example. Win 7 considers the files in those two folders as having restricted write access, this will prevent some of the configuration files from being successfully updated.

    4. Set the RBR executable to "Run as Administrator". Setting the launcher "RichardBurnsRally.exe" to run as Admin seems to be sufficient (as long as you use the launcher to run the game), the actual game executable "RichardBurnsRally_SSE.exe" apparently inherits the Admin property.
  4. Aaron DeMarre

    Aaron DeMarre

    This is vanilla RBR? I think you need the 1.02 patch for FFB on G25/G27.

    I know 2 of my teammates had this issue on vanilla RBR and installing RSRBR fixed it, however I suspect it was the official patches that actually did the fixin.
  5. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    I'll test the things in the thread you edited in Warren, the rest is already done. But thanks for all help so far! :)
  6. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    I also use Win7-64 and have no issues, but i don't use 'Logitech Profiler' i try to keep all background resources to a minimum when i can.

    By default i normally remove the "PC_InputFilter" file all together, the purpose was to improve FFB if i remember correctly.
    It's also mentioned in this link which you can further investigate for a possible solution.

    Good Luck.
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