No Buy from race room


Twice I have tried to purchase a small amount of cars from RACE ROOM and both time it has said ,,purchase Cancelled. so I gave up. NO BUY FROM RACE ROOM.

btw I use Paypal and have had no problem from other purchase thru Steam.


In the ingame shop. btw thanks Martin for your reply but i do not use vRP. It is a silly and confusing way to buy.
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but i do not use vRP. It is a silly and confusing way to buy
Well, if you prefer paying more money for the same stuff and paying for it via Steam Wallet instead of directly, then by all means, more power to you. It just seemed like it's not exactly working for you.


Did you enable the Steam Overlay? It sounds like the game is unable to get the vRP required for the purchase of the content.


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All you helpfull people - will you stop giving Pawgy economical advices.
He has allways done this his own way - just like Frank Sinatra.
Who actually was YOUNGER than Pawgy :)

Hehe one of Pawgys problems is that if he started buying Raceroom items the vRp way - it would be much harder for him to occasionally rant the game for being soooo astronomically expensive:)
Pawgy (and Frank) does it their own way :)

ByTheWay: Hey Pawgy - longTimeNoSee :)

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Actually, RaceRoom Experience may become expensive if you want. I find that the cars that come for free are actually pretty good. I really enjoy the Canhard/Cougar and the Aquila CR1 sports GT cars. So far, I have blown more money on tracks than cars.