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Misc Nissan GTR GT3 light config 2019-06-11

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M4MKey submitted a new resource:

Nissan GTR GT3 light config - Car additions ( lights / turning signals / lumirank ... )

What's that ?
That mod adds several new illumination for the car and lets you customize it at you free will.

What is in ?
- Turning signals for the car
- Numberplate on doors illuminated at night
- 6 different layouts of led stripes
- 5 skins already coded to give as much examples as possible
- Xela's endulights meshes and coding to work with ( I have his permission )
- Lumirank on windscreen showing :
- By default, car number ( requires texture editing for further skins )

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hi M4MKey, great mod btw! Anyway to make the fog light separated from the headlights? Can it be switch to a separate binding like extra_A?