Niels Heusinkveld Talk & Drive 24: Boxer Cup @ Imola

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    Niels Heusinkveld has released the 24th edition of his Talk & Drive series, this time taking the Boxer Cup out around the Imola circuit in Automobilista.

    Although the Boxer Cup has been out for a little while now the car still remains one of the more popular pieces of content within Automobilista. Designed loosely around the Porsche Carrera Cup car that has proven to be so popular across a very wide range of national and international racing series - including the Formula One supporting Carrera Cup series that follows many of the Grand Prix around the world.

    Heusinkveld spends over 20 minutes driving the Boxer Cup at Imola, released as part of the Imola Legendary Tracks DLC back in November and featuring four different layouts of the circuit across four decades from the 1970's to the present day configuration.

    "Host of the San Marino GP for 26 years, Imola is a venue full of history where racing gods have risen and fallen. This pack features 4 distinct versions of this legendary track from 4 different decades - 1972, 1988, 2001 and 2016.

    In the raw, classic, and dangerously fast original layout last used in 1972 your nerves will be tested as you blast through the picturesque roads, with no chicanes and no run-off areas - an old style, high speed blast surrounded by trees and armco.

    The 1988 version featured the chicanes at Acque Mineralli, the top of the hill (Variante Alta) and at the end of the lap (Variante Basa). This is the layout that hosted many classic races in the late 80s and early 90s, until Ayrton Senna´s tragic accident at the then high speed Tamburello corner.

    The 2001 version saw reforms to improve safety after the accidents of 1994, with chicanes added to the Tamburello and Villeneuve sweepers. The track remained an unique challenge, in which drivers had to balance cars around the high curbs in order to be fast. Michael Schumacher mastered this layout winning there 6 times.

    Finally the modern 2016 version, which has brought back the high speed nature of the track by creating a flat-out section from the exit of Rivazza all the way to the Tamburello chicane" say Reiza of the original DLC release.
    Heusinkveld has been on a bit of a video streaming hot streak lately, with a short introduction the both the Adelaide and ARC Camaro as well as his insights into physics developments within Reiza, however in this release Niels has spent more time concentrating on faster driving than chatting to his audience, which is a shame as the dry wit and easy going style of the Reiza physics guy often provides an entertaining watch.

    Automobilista is a PC exclusive racing game by Reiza Studios available to purchase from Steam right now. The Imola legends circuit DLC can be purchased at an additional cost.

    Talk and Drive Boxer Cup at Imola 2.jpg Talk and Drive Boxer Cup at Imola.jpg Talk and Drive Boxer Cup at Imola 3.jpg

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    Did you enjoy Niels Talk & Drive video? What do you think of the Boxer Cup and Imola? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    We love you, Niels! And also your brother. :confused::redface::laugh:
  3. Jan Mikuž

    Jan Mikuž

    This is a great combo indeed. Challenging and the car is quite a handful still, even after the physics update. :)
  4. GP20


    The camaro looks awful.
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    I don't drive boxer in AMS because we have "the real thing" in AC. But plenty of other cars to drive. After the release of Adelaide I've found SuperV8s again, so annoying but at the same time so rewarding car to drive.
  6. ermo


    (emphasis mine)

    The above is a transcript of the interval from 3m47s to 4m17s, and I think it is fair to say that it puts the discussion of game vs. sim to rest:

    Even if you consider AMS a sim, it's also a game, alright? Because Niels said so and if anyone is qualified to make such a statement about AMS, it's him. :)

    (and yes, this also applies to AC, Project CARS etc. etc.)
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    V8 Supercars is the best! Premium

    Dont forget that noise and straight line speed when you get it right!
  8. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    By far the most beautiful pedal bars ever seen;)
  9. pinkimo


    Is there really a discussion about that ? I mean, "racing simulation" is just a genre of game, a subgenre of the "racing games" genre, I don't see how there could be any discussion about that. And if you think there is, don't forget one thing, racing IRL is a game (yes, it is, like any sport), so a video game simulating a game can't be anything other than a game :)
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    Don't know if it's my personal evolution (although i doubt that as i haven't been driving around in the Boxer that much) but after the suspension update this baby has been granted a place in my heart.
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