Niels HE Pro pedal discount code


Putting it out there, if anybody has a Niels HE Pro pedal Discount code they could spare would be greatly appreciated. Please PM
Thank You
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Do those exist? Please tell me no because I've been desperately trying to resist buying Niels pedals until later this year.
I like some pressure for sure. Some people go nuts with how much brake pressure they want to feel. I use the Basher brake mod on my T500 pedals and I only use a single 60 durometer bushing and I find that more than enough. I don't know how people enjoy using two bushings. On my CSR Elite pedals, I use the most sensitive setting on the load cell which is the weakest setting, it feels pretty close to the Basher brake mod on my T500 pedals, just slightly softer but I find that to be perfect to my liking also, probably make the load cell last longer too.
I run 2x70 bushings I believe it was on my T500RS. Could do with more if they where full sized it´s a bit hard to get the pressure point just right with them.

I don´t think going with real brake pressure is going nuts though. Getting to full brake even in a standard saloon car take some effort :)

In your case maybe the Pros is overkill also. 55 KG is a bit more then 2x70 bushings on the T500RS pedals I recon but of course you can short calibrate and get more travel then on the HE Sim Ultimates at least.
Arc Carbon pedals is an alternate perhaps. Also modular if you would want that and I recon with the pneumatic system they could do low resistance easy.

What I like with more realistic brake pressure is that I can hold my brake under my foot and really feel how much pressure I apply and I have to work hard to lock the brake not the other way around. If I steer for example it makes it harder for me to keep full pressure up and I certainly feel my car control has gone up with them.

It´s just so much more immersive when it get really physical.