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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Daniel Higgins, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Daniel Higgins

    Daniel Higgins

    Just had to post this funny result;


    What was also wierd is that Hamilton and Webber were both infront of me after pitstop but then a couple of laps later I saw them pit again. Also Chandhok and Heikki put up quite a fight when trying to overtake them which further proves that AI car performance is determined by race position and not real car performance.

    Some serious people would get angry at stuff like this but it made me chuckle and I still managed 1st so I dont care, it was funny to see.
  2. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    i love when stuuf like that happens myself in suzuka Kobayashi finished first schumacher second and chandok third i finished in fifth and all the good cars where mid table hamilton and button didnt even finish in points that was in my first season i may have finished fourth but i have to laugh and say i was glad to see kobayashi finish first lol
  3. Andy Porter

    Andy Porter

    The one thing i didnt get was when we were practising for a online race.

    We set up Sakir online on 10% about 5 of us.

    Every time we had AI cars as well just to make it harder.

    First i put them amateur and they finished about 10 secs behind

    Second and third race same place but thought the AI were too easy, so a mix amateur pro and legendary in the end were used.

    We finished the race in virtually the same time, but all three AI cars were still together and finished 10 secs behind us.
    Now all 3 cars were on different setting but all finished together, and not in the order they should of been.
    They were just no faster what ever setting you have them on.
  4. Gonira


    i think this game was made by chandhok's mummy, it's incredible how game designers can be so clueless when simulating results of the slowest f1 contender. he's just too fast and doesn't even have to pit, i would be f1 champion every year if i was virtual chandhok.
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