Nice deal on 21:9 Samsung at the moment (UK)


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Oct 16, 2011
Thought people might be interested in this. I just picked up a new Samsung C34J791 ultra-wide. It's 3440 x 1440 with Freesync (40Hz to 100Hz VRR). They were going for around £749 until very recently, but they're now just £649. (This is actually less than the older model it replaces atm)

I picked one up this week and very pleased. This is one of Samsung's Quantum Dot monitors, so colour range is excellent and it's a VA panel so good contrast as well. 3000:1, I believe.

But the real draw is it works flawlessly with Nvidia graphics cards (10/20-series anyway) since the new driver update. It's not officially GSYNC compatible, but performance is flawless.

I really couldn't find another monitor of this quality at this price, so definitely worth seeking out for anyone looking to make the switch to ultra-wide. Switched from a standard 60Hz monitor and the difference in smoothness is light and day.

Got mine at AO, but looks like Currys and the like have price matched since I ordered mine.

PS: Do not get confused with the C34F791. That's the older model and, though the specs and design look similar, it's been shown not to work with GSYNC.
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