Next Rally - Ideas???

Warren Dawes

Time to start planning our next Rally, most likely for 2 weeks time. I am all ears for any suggestions.

Just to get the ball rolling, Cam and I had a brief chat over TS after this week's Rally, with a couple of possible things to consider for future events (just thought starters):
1. Finland defrosted, a full Rally at Finland using a gravel mod (or similar). Basically along the lines of the last Stage of this weeks Rally :D .
2. RSRBR2010 Update 04 has included many new stages eg. Ireland, Slovakia, Super Stages, and some extra BTB Tracks. Anyone tried them?
3. Maintain the WRC cars for another Rally (not necessarily A8W-09)?
4. The new Group B cars look "interesting" but maybe are too brutal for us at this stage :eek: .

If anyone has any desired Rally ideas, let us know within the next few days. :rally:
Aw, 2 weeks, long time.

I haven't played any of the rallies in game, so no suggestions. I do like the gravely Finland, that should be fun, judging from SS8.
And no Group B cars, please :o. WRCs have my vote.
Nah, I'm just whining :).
It was always on a two week basis, right? People are used to that regime, plus two weeks would give more time for sign up.
Finland and WRC cars soulds good or even gravel france. LOL, next week would actualy be better for me:(. if you make it the following week I will have to go for a special time I'm afraid. Shift work sucks.

John Low

Finland / gravel and maybe the one or two france tarmac stages sounds good. I think the group b cars are a bit savage. I am going to wreck myself on some of the other stages Ireland, Slovakia, Super Stages, and some extra BTB Tracks to see how they feel. OOOoooooh a snowy frazier wells, now there's an accident waiting to happen
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