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Sell Next Level GT Ultimate Rig and TM T3PA Pro pedals with Loadcell


After a major upgrade I've got an entire rig and a set of pedals that are no longer needed and taking up space that need a new home.

Next level GT Ultimate Rig with all the bits, plus the flight sim add on to attach stick and throttle.
Good condition but the seat has a small cut in the seat fabric left hand side of the seat. PM me for photos if interested. ~£400

Also a set of Thrustmaster 3TPA pro pedals with the Ricmotech 20kg loadcell upgrade. All the original parts included. It also has stiffer throttle and clutch pedal springs installed from Mardomedia. Plus a Thrustmaster to USB converter included so you don't need a TM wheelbase to use. ~£220.

Both of the items above are only 1 year old... Lol.

Anyone interested in the above? I live in SW London, the rig will defo need collection as its heavy and bulky.

Open to offers PM me.



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