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Next Car Game: 'Fun For Everyone' video revealed

Discussion in 'Wreckfest' started by Howard, May 31, 2014.

  1. Howard

    Staff Emeritus | Motorsport Engineer

    "We at Bugbear Entertainment are proud of what we do. We keep the bar high, and we keep our aim even higher. Often it takes a ridiculous amount of work to get something just right, and at times, you bang your head against the wall over and over again and still don’t find the right way. Sometimes you can’t make any progress at all without some good tools to get you going.

    Take our driving physics, for example. When we hone how the cars behave on a gravel road we want it to feel just right, all the way down to the point where you can actually taste the sand in your mouth. In order to get there we need a good wheel and pedals to go with it so we can really determine if what we’re doing has that much needed magic in it.

    We got a massive steering wheel package from Fanatec a couple of weeks ago. Their new Universal Hub lets you use your own wheel rim of whatever form, flavor or color you want to. Can you imagine the possibilities in a game like Next Car Game? Not only that, but Fanatec were also kind enough to hook us up with their new ClubSport Handbrake that will transform anyone into one of the Scandinavian rally masters. When you pimp this baby out with quality pedals and a sturdy shifter, you’re starting to approach that perfect feel of driving for real.

    To put it mildly, this setup feels absolutely awesome! Fanatec’s massive wheel base gives a real kick in force feedback effects – you really have to put your back into it when you want your car to stay on the road in a tight curve. The pedals got just the perfect amount of resistance under your feet, and both the stick and handbrake work like a dream.

    We love it.

    After we got the whole setup assembled, half of our team had lined up to try it out. We’ve spent a ludicrous amount of hours in that leather seat, all of us, just enjoying the ride. We goofed off with all kinds of customizations for fun and giggles, and ended up creating a video about it. Despite the tongue in cheek approach the video clearly has, that’s pretty much how we roll here, and we ain’t ashamed of it either.

    Enjoy the video!"

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  2. Christian Casey

    Christian Casey

    At least it's easier to clean than alcantara.....