Newcastle (Australia) 500 Street Circuit.


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Jun 2, 2019
Hello all.

This year I'll be competing in the Aussie Racing Cars at the Newcastle 500 race.

Whilst I have most the tracks we race at during the season, it seems that no one has released the Newcastle street circuit.

Now I do remember testing on the circuit before, as the closest simulators (race centre) in Sydney has a version on rfactor I believe.

I've driven it and yes it's a little crude but it's the best they got.

Does anyone on here have the circuit or is the original builder for the circuit on here? I would love to have a chat to see if I can get access for my testing, not long until the event now!

I am more than happy to reimburse the creator or work with someone to provide footage and pointers on the comparison between sim and real life to make it a better track.

Get in touch if you can help
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Denis Betty

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Jun 18, 2013
There is an old version for rF1 on rFactor central. I haven't driven it. It's by a guys called finchley. He put an email in the read me
There is a version being done by FVRfactor. They did the FVR V8 supercars mod on rF2 steam workshop. There's a fella called Qland or something. Maybe you could talk him into letting you have EA to what they have so far? Long shot, but if you don't ask...


Dec 18, 2008
A bit late now but it's FlashQld - we have had the circuit for rF2 for some time and it is on rF2. We had difficulty converting it back due to the AI as I don't have an older version to do the AIW.