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Newby questions!!!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by angelooliveira, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. angelooliveira


    Please, I'm new at iRacing and I'm totally confused....
    1) Is there a "easy" way to improve my rating and get a D class???
    2) Can I run only at time trial and get better rating??
    3) Is this "up-and-down" normal at rating??? I had 2.89 at oval, I got a bad race and loose 0.18..... :(
    4) Can I race just the oval circuit??
    5) In a normal way, how many races Do I have to do to get promoted to D class???
  2. Eric Estes

    Eric Estes

    1) Time trial, but it's time consuming
    2) Yes
    3) Yes, to an extent. That was probably a pretty bad race. As you climb higher, there are fewer incidents not self-imposed, so things become steadier.
    4) You can, yes - but you'll miss a lot. Your Road Racing and Oval Racing SR and iR are separate from each other.
    5) I believe it is 2 races or 4 time trials, with a 3.0 SR minimum. If you get a 4.0 SR minimum, you will be promoted that night if you have enough races/TTs (fast-track).