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Newbie question: how to... brake?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by NickB, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. NickB


    Hi there, this is my first post after having been lurking on the forum for a few weeks! I'm a newbie simracer (on GTR Evo for now, after having been a big fan of NFS Porsche Unleashed back in the days), and the posts here have been incredibly helpful to me.

    So here is my first (and probably not last!) dumb question: how to properly brake? I find it very difficult to brake without locking the wheels, to find the right pressure on the pedal to get maximum braking efficiency. Because of the lack of feedback, I find it much harder than in a real car/kart. You guys have any tips? An example of a corner I have great trouble with is the first right at the end of the big straight at Anderstrop.

    I use a G25 and Evo 'pro' mode without any aid.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Jamie R

    Jamie R

    I find it helps to gently apply and lift off the brake. Also helps lifting off slightly every time you change down with just a small blip on the throttle, you should only apply full brake for a little amount of time too otherwise you'll lock straight up.

    Hope that's at least a little helpful - I tried xD.
  3. Bart Snijders

    Bart Snijders

    What you could do to make the feedback better is put the forcefeedback effects settings on Max in the advanced controller settings in game, then you get more feedback from the tires.
    And you should make sure that in the windows gamecontroller settings, you uncheck the box with use combined axis (dont know for sure if this is what it's called I dont have an english windows) this way you can use brake and throttle at the same time :nod: This helps to keep the car stable under braking.
  4. GAIAjohan


    I'd make the settings like this, (degrees is yer own preferation tho):

    Dedrees @ 692 is impossible with G25. G25 does steps of 20 deg. This screenie is from a setup screen for DFGT.

    Yes it's in Dutch, but the English one is in the same order.
  5. NickB


    Thanks, I will try increasing the FF, which is pretty subtle at the moment. My settings are pretty close to yours Johan but I will check tonight. I also don't use combined axis and am able to brake and accelerate at the same time.

    Following some advices from another thread, I also raised the tyres sound volume to 100%, but is it normal that I have so much screeching in corners?
  6. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    other stuff you could try.... in game, on the controller config, reduce the sensitivity of your brake pedal... (all my pedals are at around 5%)...

    also, in ze car setup try reducing the brake pressure by 5% / 10%....
  7. Dietmar



    Interesting one, I actually just increased my sensitivity on my brakes (having a G25) because I got the feeling that I can not really good control it, felt more like on/off :).

    The pressure is one mean, another is to check, which wheels are actually locking up (check replay if you dont use e.g. Real Time Telemetry on a second screen) and adjust the brake balance.

    Front locks up, move it more to the back and vice versa. It is a question of taste but especially with FWD I prefer my rear to lock up then my front. With RWD I think (not sure, still trying around) I tend to prefer fron lock ups. But when they completely lock up, the car can not be controlled anymore (that an advantage with driving a FWD and the rear locking up :D).
  8. Wietse Visser

    Wietse Visser

    i always have 2 buttons for adjusting the brake balance wich is offcourse also very importand.

    and just try to adjust them a bit every time you take the same corner and check if you see any improvements
  9. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    As most have pointed out, start off by altering the brake bias away from the wheels that are locking up and also look at the brake pressure "Default" will usally be around 100% try knocking it down as well this will make it that you need more pressure before the brakes fully apply.

    if you go through the RD Setup guide it will help in this area Setup Guide
  10. Lee Madden

    Lee Madden

    Also try turning up the force setting (BRAKE) so you get more
    feedback so that the wheel tells you your locking up not the noise !
    I use max wheel force , full 200 strength, curbs 50% , engine 7% ,brakes 50-60%.. just try your own levels and see what works for you
    as everybody has a differant styles there is not right or wrong way :good:
  11. Mike Narger

    Mike Narger

    I have the pedals set to 40% so when I shift down to about 3rd gear I then start to brak e much more gently coming off the brake very slowly to the apex.
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