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    Hey guys n gals !

    First off, gotta say I am really enjoying ETS2 ! I play other sims such as rFactor 1 &2, Race07, GPL, iRacing etc. I DO have a couple of things that I have noticed in the game that I'd like to throw out for general debate/discussion:

    The artificial intelligence should be renamed to artificial stupidity. Just today, had a situation where I was pulling out of a yard, 2 fork lift trucks on my trailer. A driver stopped to let me out (thanks bud !.. and yes, I actually say these things out loud), and then a car from the other direction also stopped. Thing is, they left me SO little room that I couldn't make the turn. I tried a blast on the horn, yelling "hey fuzz nuts, you need to back up a little" (which he had plenty of room to do). But no. They just sat there. I had to back ALL the way back into the yard before they'd move.

    And don't even get me started on the enormous line of vehicles "waiting" to merge onto a basically empty motorway.

    At night, the headlights and taillights of other vehicles seems a little dim.

    On my G27, gears 1 thru 6 are never, ever a problem. However, gears 7 thru 12 often seem hit and miss. I have no problems with my H-Shifter on any other games, yet in ETS2, 7 thru 12 often cause me issues. This is especially tricky when fully laden, going up a steep incline, I want to drop from (say) 10th to 9th and it doesn't register the 1st, 2nd, 3rd time of trying to shift. The shifter is in the gate, but it still shows "10" ...

    Getting fined for not resting, when it's not a possibility, is annoying. I was at the final stages of making a run from the UK to Austria, it's dark, and raining, I'm on a tiny winding road, behind 3 other trucks, all doing 14mph, and I got fined twice for not resting. There was nothing I could do. Fines for not resting should be levied only when you get the dude yawning, and you choose to drive on by a resting place.

    There should be a setting that enables you to define how much rest to take. You can put in as much, or as little gas as you want, why not the amount of time you rest ? There have been a couple of occasions when I got The Yawning Dude, I don't want to get fined, the trip has been slow due to weather/traffic, I'm close to my destination, just a couple of hours rest would be perfect. I got yelled at cos I was a little late.

    I would have thought that most speedometer's would have had both MPH and KPH. That would be useful.

    When you ARE running a little late, because of forced maximum rest time, and you get the message saying the customer is waiting, is there any way of turning off that STUNNINGLY annoying Bontempi, Atari 8-Bit style music that starts to play ?? Heavens to Murgatroyd, that music irritates me no end.

    Despite all this, I AM enjoying the game. Who would have thought that 650 miles at 55MPH would be so entertaining ?
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