Newbie come to Race07 game. Need tips!


Sep 15, 2008
Hi! Everybody. I'm a fan of racing game, before i played a lot of arcade racing game as NFS series... I just buy a copy of Race 07 five days ago. And i feel it very hard to play although i set difficult is novice. I play with logitech momo racing and it also very hard. Please give me some tips to play good Race 07 and other racing simulation games! Thanks! Sorry for my English, i'm from Vietnammese!

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
Hi, my advice would be to turn off all the driving aids, and make laps after laps after laps, practise makes the master, and you will get much more joy out of simulator games with total control over the car, instead of help from your PC.

Also 2-3 percent of deadzones are helpful on the throttle, brake and wheel rotation too, especially with the Momo where the pedal potmeters tend to be funny sometimes, making sticking inputs to the PC.


Jun 22, 2008
practice, driving, practice, driving, practice

Start with cars that are easy to handle, Mini, WTCC FWD (especially the Seat).

If you want to move to RWD, I usually find the Caterham 200 an easy one, dont try to go directly to the Cat320, that's a beast!

Cristian Haba

Nov 24, 2007
Like Attila said skyline86 first try and find a good setup for your wheel. Jamie Wilson did a great article on it and I dont know where it is but im sure its still on the net somewhere so if someone (ahem Jamie) would care to point this lad in the right direction that would be great.

The main huge difference from NFS games apart from the obvious imo is braking. Slaming the brakes will no longer work for you. Braking is one of the places where you should focus most of your practice on, it will be frustrating at first but it will get better with time. Understand also that this is a simulator and that you must see what it means to be in full sim mode, so again turn all aids off. If you really really dont feel that comfortable yet then do it gradually. By not taking them off btw it will just make ur learning process longer so if you can take them off.

Last but certainly not least, practice, practice practice. Like anything you have ever been really good at you were not always born 100% ready, that's how I got where I am, I practiced fro Club Races and League Races countless of hours and if you want good results or just in general to have a big smile on your face when racing other people online and fighting a close hot contested fight your practice and knowhow will make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Good luck in your preparation man. Check out the setup section to get a leg up on things and have fun first and foremost.

Kalen Johnson

May 1, 2009
I'm in the same boat, just got GTR Evo, had LFS for a week or two now, using a DFP. I'm finding GTR Evo hard to not spin out and go off track basically every track and most cars I use... but I know it's just practice that is needed.

Good tips already in this thread though, thanks guys!

J-F Chardon

SimBin Studios
Feb 24, 2008
Like said before, don't try to start with the most powerful beasts.

You'll enjoy yourself much much much more if you start with something "familiar" like a WTCC or a Mini Cooper.

Pick one and stick to it on various tracks. You might be also interested in downloading ghost cars for your favourite track on the same car. Thanks to the raceline, you'll see where you have to brake, how strong, when you have to start turning the steering wheel, etc.

(ghost cars downloads are available from ingame, use the time trial mode from main menu)

Don't be too brutal with the controls. Accelerate, turn and brake smoothly, and you should not be surprised by your car.

Also, don't try to go too fast at first. On the contrary, start slowly, become confident, and then speed up the pace a bit, get confident, and speed up the pace again, etc. Until you reach your limit and spin or go off track. Then you can analyse your error by viewing the replay, learn from it and go back in your cockpit for the revenge :)

The sole truth in all this is : practice.

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
A saying that i have learnt from karting is 'Learn to go slow before you learn to go fast' basically means learn the track and car slowly and lap my lap take 10ths off your time! or if your comfortable take seconds off. Hope this helps!

Michael Ketterer

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