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Newb - asking for hardware recommendation

Hi there,

I've a 10 year old Logitech G27 wheel, shifter and pedals.
I haven't played sim racing regularly in over 7 years but I'd like to get back to it.
I play on a PC with a single monitor and desk, as I don't have space for a rig.
If I were to spend $500-700 towards first step of upgrading my setup, where would the money be best spent?
Fanatec wheel, better pedals or?

I like playing Sims such as Dirt 2 and will give a new Forza 5 a go.

Thank you.
in my opinion pedals are the best update between pedals or wheel, but if you don't have a solid rig can be difficult or impossibile to use a good pedal set.
i think even a playseat challange can be better than wheel on a desk and a good upgrade, but i never tried it.
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
From what you wrote, your G27 should do just fine playing from your desk game like Forza or Dirt.
If you find out that you are spending time again, after a sabbatical of 7 years, playing racing games, then a rig should your first step.
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Thank you for responses. Is there a rig that also allows for placement of keyboard and use of "normal" chair on wheels?
My PC is dual use and I need to be able to use the setup as a home office PC.
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Daniel R.

So concerning space saving rig I once stumbled over these. Tried also one at the sim expo several years ago and found it good. But memory is fading on my side. So probably look for some reviews.

The before mentioned playseat challenge is also a very good product for normal sized people (I think very tall people might get a problem). Tried it from a friend and found it awesome for what it is!!

Rest of Hardware I would say pedals first, and if so, go for Loadcell.
Not necessarily the thrustmaster ones, rather stuff like used fabatecs or HE's
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I started with a Playseat Challenge for around 180EUR which gives you a comfortable RaceCar-ish seating position and all your gear attaches to it. When you do not need it, you can fold it to a shape resembling an ironing board and store it in a corner with all your gear attached.

I used that one with a G29 and Fanatec CSW and V3 Pedals before upgrading to another solution, so there would be an upgrade path for the wheel and pedals also.
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Deleted member 1417362

this question depends on two things

Immersion and ability.

If you are looking for more immersion and just looking to enjoy sim racing, forza, dirt etc then i would say a cheap sim rig, stand, seat and monitor and transplant from the desk to your new rig.

However, if your ability is that within a 1 second of aliens then yes pedals and wheels might help gain a 10th or two, but i'd say until you get to the top of the leaderboards just use the life out of the G27 and enjoy.

I used one of these, and while by the end it was highly modified for triple screens, height adjustable wheel deck etc - it was perfect :-

Its questions like this that always remind me of the Indy Iracing series last year - Joseph Newgarden in a state of the art triple screen profile rig VS Conor Daly at a desk mounted G27, single screen and his pedals resting on a box.

Its not the equipment that makes you fast !. But it is the equipment regardless of what it is that helps you enjoy it.
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Exactly what i meant. In my humble opinion it sounds like you would benefit more from a better seat and ergonomics initially and that could actually also improve your times and consistency.

As I mentioned, you can always upgrade your gear later, once you have a stable platform.
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Thank you.

I appreciate all the comments and advices. Looks like I need to figure out seating position first, then perhaps pedals and wheel.
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