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New UI: questions about virtual rides, mas tool, setup, etc...


I finally had to switch to new UI recently but I struggle with some items that were basic in the past:

1) Virtual ride:
- I downloaded a skin from this forum (Oreca Wynns ) and couldn't make it appear in game and as opponents.
I added "category" line, changed "classes", no way.
I had same pb with a Cadillac DPi but finally succeeded to make it work.

2) When I create an "alt" car in game, I can see the skins files are generated in settings folder but the car itself doesn't appear in game and no rcd file (is it correct name?) is created. Therefore I can't see on which veh file this "alt" car refers.

3) How to assign setup to AI?

4) Where is the mas/ package tool now located?
The MAS Tool doesn't seem to be working for me anymore. It doesn't actually create a damn thing. I've used both 32 & 64 and dedi server doesn't recognize as having made any packages.