New track(s) in the making....?

Feb 19, 2007
I noticed TSF posted on their facebook that, besides finishing Charlotte, they are busy with Palm Beach Int Speedway and Chicacoland?
That is so cool (do it quick for me :D).....or better yet I'll just wait patiently :)

will it also include the lakes to fall in? :)

For those who don't know what track this is. Palm Beach Int Speedway is a road course in Florida, formerly known as Moroso Motorsporks Park. The track where the Top Gear crew went, on their USA road trip, to let the Stig American Cousin to test the 3 cars below $1000.
Mar 15, 2008
This track will be pretty damn close in accuracy as well. Not quite "cloud point", but Palm Beach Intnl has supplied us with the actual drawings and GPS details which were used for the construction of the course. This same data was used via engineers and surveyors during the entire construction phase. Initial result is pretty dang cool. I think many here will find this to be a favorite. :)

And, will offer night racing ;)

Javier Roy

Oct 25, 2008
Charlotte has been released but I'm having problems updating the sim:

I'm having problems with the new leverage update.

When it finish the download, a message appears saying: "Alternate file hash being calculated ..." and the buttom OK. If I leave it calculating it takes more than 2 hours doing nothing. If I press OK, appears another messages saying: "Downloaded file is corrupt and will be deleted" and the buttom OK again.

Then, an error message codes appears.

Anybody knows how to fix it?.

Just in case: just before the download I uninstalled the "carfile manager" application.

Thx a lot.

Javier Roy

Oct 25, 2008
Problem fixed.
During the first dowload, my PC was blocked and I had to shut it down manually. Then, the Leverage continued downloading but the file was damaged.
The other times I run the leverage, it doesn't really dowloaded the file as it found it in my PC (corrupted but it was found). That was why I got the error continuously.
Finally I found the file, I remove it from my PC and the leverage downloaded a brand new file installing it without problems.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Had some problems getting it up the server as well. But now it works!

ARCA server is now up to date and ready to serve us some races tonight :thumb: