New to the game and I need help! (Mostly with modding and drifting!)

Hey all
So I just bought the game mainly because im interested in the drift aspect of it. The one big main issue im running into is I can not seem to join servers. Ive downloaded the track its on but ive noticed i do not have the cars the server is running, and i can not figure out how the hell i can see what they are and how to install them.
Second of all im looking for someone to teach me to drift because right now im as clueless as anything. Im so used to drifting on Forza on the Xbox and this is a compleatly different beast all together.
If youre intrested in giving me a hand with any of this add my steam! (Neonsurge101 listed as SketchY) and we can chat!
Well, I'd start right here:

This guy is a legend. And this video will teach you all the basics you need to know to drift. Chris Harris made 2 videos as well. Both are worth watching.

Also, if there'd be one piece of advise that I'd have to say is most important, is: work on your footwork! I was struggling with drifting for the longest time, because I just floored the accelerator and spun out. I needed time to figure out that the accelerator is actually more important that the wheel. Feet>Hands in drifting. You can actually drift without even touching the wheel. It may not be a problem to you, but I'd surely be glad someone told me that when I started. :D

For modding, and servers full of drifters, there's a big FB group here:
You can find all the drift cars there. :)

BTW what wheel do you have?
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