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New to simracing

Hi guys, I'm new to simracing world and probably I'm going to buy a T150 PRO to get started here.

I come from years in esport and I have a competitive mindset, so I'll aim to train and become better and better.

But I'm confused:

  1. There are team hiring simdrivers? Getting paid or HW/Rig, for example. Or you need your own money to live and then race such as real motorsport?

  2. Which is the best game to get started with esport/prize league or something like that? (AC seems to be the best with no-subscription, iRacing the best with subscription. Do you agree?)

If someone can help me in this world, I'm open to new friends!

I'm glad to become part of this community, but I'm sorry for my english (Just in case, lol).
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