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New to RFactor, what to download?

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Kalen Johnson

May 1, 2009
Hi guys,

Just got RFactor in the mail today. Going a little sim crazy, lol, that makes LFS, GTR Evo, one month free of iRacing.com, and now Rfactor... and I don't even have that much time damnit :drool:

So I have downloaded the following mods for Rfactor:
Formula One 2006 by CTDP v1.1
Grand Prix 1979 mod, still need to get some more tracks for it I think
Historic GT Mod
Monster Truck Mayhem
and quite a few tracks, most of the top rated ones at Rfactorcentral

So are there any suggestions of some other "must-have" Rfactor mods? Thanks guys :)


I am having a blast offline with BRKarts. Even the 100cc kart is fun.


You should really replace V8Factor with FVR09 i find the FVR09 mod is alot more real... Sure the modling might be a bit off, but it's really fun to drive 10 times better then V8Factor mate..

Alen Pecanin

Dec 21, 2008
I'll tell you a good mod for sure.. head to the open wheelers section and scroll all the way down to world series by nissan.. and then after downloading that mod go ahead and download a mod called manor mod or something.. that will give you awesome fun!! even with slower Formula cars. Im having a blast with those mods.. I'll post some pictures in the screenshot thread now for you :D

edit: stupid me.. its not manor its F3 euroseries 2007.. easy on the throttle tho.. tricky cars
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