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Hey guys,

I've recently discovered Richard Burns Rally and WOW what a game. I've always been more of a track racing fan with F1 and WTCC but after watching a few stages of The Rally Portugal it gave me a real kick to try something different.

Basically i'd love to get involved with some of the online rallies in the future. At the moment im practicing mainly with the S2000 class cars trying to get the techniques right, but hopefully i'll be able to move on up to the bigger WRC ones soon enough :p

Most of my practice has been on gravel mod through the Rally school and the Gateshead stages. They're actually reasonably local to me so i guess thats why im drawn to them.

Was wondering what sort of Stage times people are putting in on these tracks with the S2000 and WRC cars on gravel mod, just to give me some sort of ballpark time to aim for to be reasonably competitive (although at the moment im happy to finish the stage without damage :D )

Cheers guys :cool:
Ah, i think i was 1:22 something in the rally school, but got it down to 1:20.5 or so with the C4 :banana:

I'll try get everything sorted for the next rally :D

Warren Dawes

Hi Craig, and welcome to Rallying, it's very different and can be lots of fun (and frustrating at times too).
I agree with Senad, best to just jump into our events and join the others to see how you go.
It's almost impossible to compare "normal" times, most of us can have wildly varying times, as I'm sure you have already found out, one small mistake and the penalties are great.
Driving in the On-Line Rallys is much different to practice runs, the conditions can vary a lot (especially in bad weather) and under the pressure anything can happen (and usually does). What has proven to be true though, consistency is much more important than outright speed.

Just join the fun, we'd love to have you join.
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