MGP14 New to bikes

Hi guys I'm new to bike racing and MotoGP 14, having followed F1 for years.

What controllers do you guys use for MotoGP 14? Can you use a wheel or joystick?

Are many good mods available?


do a search for mods, controllers, etc. it is all here. People always get offended with responses such as this one, but mate, just because you are new does not mean you don't have to do your homework. I learned this the hard way, too. Communities are here to help, but when people just refuse to do any work, it gets frustrating...not just for you who is asking. We have mods, controller setups and tips, etc. Still awaiting a patch from Milestone to fix certain issues. A wheel is for cars, surely you can picture how awkward that would be. Sure, people do it, but they are not about to put up fast laps. Gamepad with customized settings, highest difficulty + realism level, manual shifting and manual tuck-in and if you are a real racer, use the helmet cam. That will keep you busy trying to keep Marquez, etc. behind...
Welcome to the bike world.
I use a Xbox 360 controller, its good but can be a pain in a long race. The PS3 controller is the best but needs alot of mods to work properly on PC, not worth it if you can get a good Xbox controller.

Alot of people use a Logitech force feedback wheels such as Logitech GT/G25/G27 etc and to use it on MotoGP you do need to modify alot. I dont think it makes a good feel or even worth it so i keept trying to work with the wheel but could not do it, so i went back to my controller.