new thing in ARCA

Eric Martel

Jan 9, 2009
what new thing you'd like implented in ARCA, I would like to see new body style for all kinds of tracks and a new damage model, the track yes but there is something else to make this game even more cool

Bjorn de Haas

Mar 15, 2009
in my point of view the damage system is way to harsh. if you crash the car basicly your race is over and there is no change of getting decent laptimes anymore. maybe that is something to change haha

Patrick van Driel

Dec 31, 2006
Some parts look to much like Rfactor, nothing wrong with that but with the new Leverage client my idea would be to make the game unique in his kind like i think it is.
That would maybe be to much , but hey you asked it :)
Pitcrew would be great as well.

Maurice Hurkmans

RD Travel Expert
Dec 27, 2006
the interface ingame looks alot like rfactor but the gameplay not hahha ..
+1 for that, gameplay is really unique, i like stock car racing :D

really like ARCA, atm its the game i play the most, so much different then the other sims i used to play before.

only some small things to make ARCA even better then it is now are pit crews and enhance the safetycar periods (sometimes strange things happen during SC periods, like game tells you to move up to the front of the pack while driving on the same lap as the leaders :doh2:)

Gareth Hickling

Feb 17, 2008
Great idea Gareth:embarrassed: but you not have other idea?

Yea to be serious it has to be different body shells for the different track types. I remember TSF showing that short track, deformed body model. That would be awesome!

Its probrably one of the main reasons we get wheels popping through the body on the shorties!

Dustin Barton

Oct 5, 2008
The interface is a bit...cluttered. Something a bit cleaner would be nice. I'm glad to see COT and Truck physics are coming soon. Hoping templates will be released with that. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more tracks, but aside from that, I have to agree that the damage system is a bit harsh...that is, IF it carries over to COT and Trucks. The COT especially can take quite a beating. We saw Jeff Gordon slam into the wall twice at Texas last year I believe and he managed to salvage a 6th place finish (I think). We see these cars take a beating and still turn in impressive lap times.

EDIT: I'd like the graphics to be improved too, if possible. The cars especially look VERY pixelated and my settings are on max I believe.