New Teams on the block?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jason Warburton, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Jason Warburton

    Jason Warburton

    At first i thought it was a one off, a thing that happened in once or twice but no..... Apparently Mecedes Gp team are now the team to beat... front row of the grid in 90% of qualifying, top 4 in every race RBR seem stupidly slow in qualifying and only just manage to stay in the top 6 most races. Mclaren.. now they are now finishing in 9th and 10th spots on a regular basis and Ferrari.... well lets just say i've lapped them a lot recently...

    There seems to be a complete balance of power switch between most teams, the lesser tier teams like Sauber, Force India, Renault and Williams are now performing way over their cars limits. Is there some sort of 'Driver improvement' part of the game where drivers get better or worse throughout the season? Or has the game been altered by patch #2.
  2. glight


    The game has a tiered system for team performance. There are 5 tiers and at the start of the career Mclaren and Redbull are in tier 1, Ferrari and Mercedes in tier 2 and so on. At the end of the year, the game looks at the points standings and moves around the teams accordingly. So you could have Ferrari move up to tier 1 if they beat Mclaren or Redbull etc...

    However, what you're talking about is teams moving 2 tiers or more so I don't know if that's an unintended behavior (bugged)

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge can comment
  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Well, in GP mode races I have seen quite a lot of odd grids and results screens. Heidfeld on pole, Alonso the only one of the real front runners in the top 7 of a race, all the others down in the bottom half of the field. Not quiet sure what is going on with those sort of results but it's definitely not right. Wondered whether it had anything to do with the whole fast-forwarding issue or maybe using flashbacks..
  4. dda


    I was with sauber 2nd year and came 2nd in the championship, now in the 3rd year they seem to be one of the quickets

    ferrari have gone terrible though, each driver got about 40 points last season, i wanted to drive for them but they were so low down i couldnt put them as a rival!

    in mercedes now for 3rd season, order of teams seems to be : red bull, mercedes, sauber, mclaren, williams, ferrari

    williams may be better as i was in their car for the first season too