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New system/3090 Decisions... Triple 1440p Ultrawide or Triple 4K?

M D Gourley

Typically 40-45 fps with 15 random GT3 AI while driving the Bentley 2020 at Nurburgring 24 hr with the following settings for testing purposes. Daylight, overcast sky, no rain. Min is 24-25 during a standing start. Le Mans is similar and Sebring is better by 3-5 fps.

View attachment 408458

Would I really race with that low of fps? No, I definitely turn graphics down to get closer to 60 fps. I'm projecting my new computer will have 2.5x higher fps due to factory overclocked RTX 3090 without counting any gains from a better CPU (currently a vintage 3.4 GHz i7-4770 and going to i9-10850). Since I failed to get a 3090 yesterday, it looks like I'll get a chance to measure the benefit of just the new CPU.
Thanks for the reply, very interesting :)...look forward to your thoughts when you finally get the new computer:thumbsup: