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New Sim Racing wheel suggestions


I'm wanting to get back into sim racing after a couple years off and the old G27 is looking a bit tired and worn. So, I'm looking for a new wheel and pedals and with a budget of £600-£700, what would be the recommendation?

I would probably race for a couple hours a day after work, nothing too strenuous, but I'll no doubt also want to dabble in some endurance GT3 or oval every now and then.

I would want something which feels solid, the G27 was fine, but under a bit of stress it did sometimes feel like it was about to snap in half. I would obviously need a wheelbase, rim and pedals. I prefer paddle shifters and pedals with a clutch as I liked those that came with the G27 but no longer have them so this is why I need a new set. And with the pedals, is it really worth the extra for the loadcell brake?

TLDR; Need new sim wheel and pedals for iRacing. Budget £600-£700.

Cheers in advance for any feedback :)
The new Fanatec CSL DD for £350 is supposed to be coming out soon (good luck getting one). You would need to add a wheel and pedals to that cost.

The cheapest Fanatec rim is about £200.

They are also just about to release their new base pedal set for £80 which can be expanded to a load cell brake.

If you're lucky you might be at just the right time to get all this new kit within your budget. you don't know when it will be released though. Could be months? You would also be an 'early adopter'.

The alternative is a belt driven from Thrustmaster but they are quite old tech at this point. TS-XW with T-LCM pedals?

I think you're coming back to Sim racing just as Fanatec and possibly Thrustmaster are about to refresh their offerings.
at that price point you will probably need to go with a belt driven wheel if u need the motor base, pedals, and rim. i think the cheapest DD wheel is accuforce for $1000 USD which include rim and motor, so no pedals included.
I bought the T-LCM pedals pre order and have had zero issues with them for about 15 months so far. I had a T300 which i kept for 3 years before upgrading to AF V2 and had no issues with the T300 either, fwiw


I'm also looking at a new wheel in similar price range, and obviously the DD CSL is going to shake things up, I'm on the fence for it already in terms of - availability, how reliable it's going to be if only brand new, how well it will work with games etc if settings / integrations is still a bit of an unknown.

Seems like this 'mid range' segment is on hold until the DD CSL comes out and the markets re-adjusts?

Anything else in the sub-£/€1000 range?
Why don't you look for a second hand Simucube 1?

Agreed, I got a 2nd hand simucube 1 a little while ago and it's excellent!

No idea how it compares to a SC2 or DD1/2, or obviously the new CSL DD, but it's definitely a step up from the CSW 2.5. That said, the CSW 2.5 was great, I never had any issues with it, so for the money I was very happy with it.


at that price point you will probably need to go with a belt driven wheel if u need the motor base, pedals, and rim. i think the cheapest DD wheel is accuforce for $1000 USD which include rim and motor, so no pedals included.
It might still be a stretch financially, but you could go with the AccuForce Your Way configured with only the wheel rim for now and then add the button box later. This way you get a quality direct drive experience for under $750 instead of a belt drive wheel that certainly won't last as long or perform as well. That leaves a pretty tight budget for pedals though.



a quality direct drive experience for under $750
You should edit/remove the misleading price on this image at that URL:
If you want the best non DD wheelbase then the Fanatec CSW V2.5 is it , I upgraded to the Fanatec DD1 from the CSW V2.5 and I think the V2.5 is by far the best non DD wheelbase , it's very close to my DD1 in performance , so much so that I was a little disappointed with the DD1 as it certainly is not 2 times better like the price is.
I think the CSW C2.5 is the best bang for buck wheelbase out there and gives you 80 - 90% of the performance of the DD1.


The Simagic M10 is probably next closest option I think right now, 10nm direct drive with hybrid stepper motor, and comes in at €1159 including mount, adapter, wheel, button panel.

I still come back to any mid-market purchase now seems silly until more info on the DD CSL. There seems to be a good few CSW 2.5's on Ebay, but those values will surely drop in the next few months, so doesn't feel like a great purchase now. The Simagic maybe be a good purchase with 10nm, but if the CSL DD gets to 8nm even with a booster upgrade, seems like it will still be a good bit cheaper.

June 4th is when the CSL DD reviews are out, so going to hold tight until then.