New Rule - Grid Penalty Carry Over

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jonathan Blackmore, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Jonathan Blackmore

    Jonathan Blackmore

    I just want to know what people think of this new rule? i think it's quite unfair on the middle and bottom of the table teams...

    basically your a marussia or caterham driver, you qualify 19th, you have a 10 place grid penalty, you qualify 19th.... with the carry over, your going to be demoted to 22 fo race 1.... you qualif 19th again for race 2, back to 22nd, then same for race 3, then 1 more place for race 4.... very unfair i think

    top teams rarely qualify lower than 10th, and even rarer is the case they'll have a +10 grid penalty from that position, so they are only going to be disadvantaged in 1 event instead of over several

    your thoughts?
  2. KnuckleheadFIN


    Why have I not heard of this before? I think it sounds very stupid. It would be better to force them to start from the pitlane or something. What happens if you qualify every race in 22nd? If chilton had gotten a 10 place grid penalty in Italy, it still would not be completely served with this rule. Very stupid rule I think.
  3. Jordi Casademunt

    Jordi Casademunt

    Eh....I think it actually makes sense. Maybe all the stupid the FIA has been spreading lately finally affected me.
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  4. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    This have totally nothing to do were the car qualifies.... It is like saying why death sentence someone who is going to die anyways.... You do that only to stay consistent with the penalties....

    Plus if penalties are not carried over to the next season we could see something like, Massa dive bombing Vettel just so Alonso could win the championship. Massa wouldn't need to care about penalties since they don't carry over to the next season.

    So I think it is 100% fair. If FIA can't stay consistent and MOST importantly neutral (that is what they show by Jonatha's example) then F1 would be unfair.

  5. Markus Neumann

    Markus Neumann

    The penalty can only carry over once, not to several races. Also, this has been known for at least half a year or something like that.
  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think the 'drive-through within 5 laps' was the best solution for teams at the back