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Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Lee Palmer, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Lee Palmer

    Lee Palmer

    Starting this week we in the rFactor club will be rolling out a new format to our club. This is an experimental exercise to see how well it works. Many of you may have already read Dave's news post regarding the Race club and rFactor will be following this direction.


    So what are the changes? Well the main change will be that events will be ran three times instead of once. Server's will be left up for longer allowing races catering for three different timezones. Specifically EU, Aus / Asia along with the US. Unfortunately the AUS / US events are unlikely to have staff members present as such the racers will need to restart sessions themselves. EU races staff should be present. Timings for these events will be as follows:

    EU: 19:00 GMT Official Practise
    Aus / Asia: 10:00 GMT Official Practise
    US: 00:00 GMT Official Practise

    Events will still be ran in the same style, with Official practise, before qualifying before then the race (two races in most events). Please note that the V8 events will feature a reverse grid for the EU race ONLY. AUS and US will not feature this.

    Along with this we will be ditching the sign up procedure*. Instead members who wish to race need simply to drop a message stating they intend to race, unlike before this is not a commitment to racing. This facility will be a first in server gets to race basis. However with this change means that should an event become over subscribed a second server can be opened up for this event~.

    * - The F1 92 EU event will still keep a sign up thread to enable to single car procedure to work, sadly the Aus / US F1 92 events will not use this.

    ~ - Second servers will not features a reverse grid for the V8 event and will usually be unstaffed. The F1 92 sign-up list will count for the first server only, any extra drivers will be aloud free car choice in the second server.

    As mentioned previously this is an experimental change to see how well it works. We welcome all feedback which can be given in the provided thread - See Here!
  2. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Sounds a positive move and enables easier 'drop in and race' options for our members, great:good: