New RealFeel from GameStockCar in rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Steven Ciofalo, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Steven Ciofalo

    Steven Ciofalo

    I am not asking about it. I am informing you all that it does work and it is improved.

    I downloaded the free demo like most have and noticed the realfeelplugin.ini layout was slightly different then previous versions. Here is the old realfeel's set of options.

    and here is the new versions.

    I spent the last three hours tweaking and trying to figure out what these new parameters do ...


    They are all very cryptic aside from the first one and I didn't notice any real change going to extremes with the other values.

    I do not wish to zip up and distribute the new .dll without permission first. But nothing is stopping you from downloading the demo of Reiza studios Game Stock Car and copying the files over yourself.

    I have tested with HistorX, Lotus23's, VLN, legends and Bathurst Legends and the improvement is noticeable. I recommend the altered default settings I posted above for G27. Standard realfeel hotkeys work to adjust the old settings and I haven't found any new keybinds. Also you may notice that even when "SpeechEnabled=True" you won't hear "realfeel is enabled" anymore.

    I also removed my leo's since this new realfeel has added stiffness at no speed but when I put the car in gear that seems to stop working. Just odd I suppose. I find lowering to a 90% mix takes the edge off of things without tweaking too much or adding smoothing.
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