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New Real Head Motion plugin: reduced CPU usage

WallyM has adapted the original AC Real Head Motion for ACC and fixed the high CPU usage of the plugin too. I have had contact with WallyM and asked if he could fix the high CPU usage for the original AC version of the plugin too. This was his reply: "So I just discovered that RHM for ACC also works for AC. Look behind is a bit screwy, but you don't use that (in VR) anyway. If you want to have separate settings for ACC and AC, just set up two different RHM folders - one for AC and one for ACC. They will each have their own settings that way."
I have tested his ACC version of the RHM plugin on AC and it works. CPU usage was reduced on my i7 CPU (4 core, 8 threads) from 4.2% on average for the original AC RHM plugin to 0.6% for the new plugin. The original plugin kept hogging the CPU even when AC wasn't running, the new plugin stays at 0% as it should.
Recommended for VR users, since they need every CPU cycle they can get.
The new RHM plugin can be downloaded here: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/real-head-motion-for-acc-is-here.63606/
The FAQ on that page says it doesn't work in VR, but that applies to ACC. In AC it does work in VR.
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